All Calories Are Not Created Equal

I have to admit before the age of 25 I never once in my life troubled to check the calorie content of any food, it didn’t make a difference to me. A portion of me wishes I hadn’t appeared, to be honest. It undoubtedly makes your food choice decisions a lot more time-consuming. And I’m not actually into the calorie counting matter. I check some foods only out of interest. Is that terrible for a personal trainer and nutrition trainer? Maybe not. The weight reduction formula is: If energy outside is greater than energy in = Weight Loss That’s science, … Continue reading All Calories Are Not Created Equal

The Zumba Outfit

Zumba is a dance-based workout routine that’s amazing as a fun weight loss program. It is a blend of upbeat Latin music which includes a high energy dance routine that’s a mix of salsa moves and adjusted meringue. Not all of them understand that it is crucial that you dress appropriate for zumba and for any form of exercise so as to prevent movements that are constricted while people all around the world indulge in this entertaining workout. For women, it is significant that you simply begin with support. Wear a great sports bra during zumba dance sessions to confine … Continue reading The Zumba Outfit