All Calories Are Not Created Equal

healthy applesI have to admit before the age of 25 I never once in my life troubled to check the calorie content of any food, it didn’t make a difference to me. A portion of me wishes I hadn’t appeared, to be honest. It undoubtedly makes your food choice decisions a lot more time-consuming.

And I’m not actually into the calorie counting matter. I check some foods only out of interest.

Is that terrible for a personal trainer and nutrition trainer? Maybe not.

The weight reduction formula is:

If energy outside is greater than energy in = Weight Loss

That’s science, and the rule suggests it does work. Of course, if you wish to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit.

I’ll quickly tell you what a calorie is. We usually refer to calories as Kcal (kilocalories). One Kcal is the energy needed to heat 1 kilogram of water by 1 degree Celsius.

The reason why I am not too into counting calories is:

  • Because I’m not trying to reduce weight
  • I question whether it’s as easy as suggested
  • It is too time-consuming

Here is a scenario:

A person burns a total of 1800 calories a day through working, walking, exercise, etc. She then consumes 1600 calories through eating salad, chicken, fish and vegetables through the day. She’s created a 200 calorie shortage that is going to point to weight loss.

Merely looking at the figures you’d say yes but I just can’t believe that is accurate.

Is a calorie just a calorie?

From eating 100 calories of carrots compared to 100 calories of cake, are you going to get the same effects?

Of course, you will not. There is a ton of good in the carrots, whereas the cake may taste good, but it’s only essentially empty calories which will lead to storing fat. Additionally, what’s going to fill you up more? What’s going to give you more energy? What will influence your long-term health more?

Fiber is important and fills us up, the more healthy foods like veg and nuts will have fiber in which will keep us full for longer compared to the processed foods.

This is my problem with calorie counting because I believe there’s more to it.

If you ate 1500 calories of protein compared to 1500 calories of fat a day, would you get the same effects? Of course, you’d not have the same results although both would be dangerous as you need to balance your consumption of macronutrients out.

Our body needs energy to process all of the food that comes into the human body. The body uses more energy to process carbs than fat. So efficiently a protein diet adds fewer calories to the body than carbs and carbs add fat.

Not all calories are created equal.

junk foodCertainly large food companies get in on this and make billions of pounds just from advertising food as low calorie, there are low cal pizzas, ice cream, crisps, cheese, yogurt, pretty much everything.

Does that mean that these low-fat cheeseburgers and hot dogs are good for us?

No, it only means that they’re marginally lower calorie compared to the original, which likely isn’t consistently better. They got it to have fewer calories by taking out some salt or sugar, but have replaced it with other unnatural substances so that they don’t lose the taste, so it could even be worse for you.

So should starving be the solution? For us, yes you will lose weight but will you have energy, low calories diets are not right? Will you be happy? Craving free? Probably not. Your body will probably believe it’s starving, so your metabolism will slow down which will drive the body to hang onto the energy it gets fat which will prevent weight reduction.

There’s even more to it, but I don’t desire to write too much.

  • Is the time of the meal significant?
  • Is the size of the meal important?
  • Do the frequency of the meals issue?

So basically I can not question that if you burn more energy than you take in, you’ll lose weight. The rationale I’ve composed in this post is so folks can see that it isn’t quite as straightforward as that. Eating foods that are bad is going to change your body in a way that is bad only as good food will do the opposite regardless of how many calories are in it.

As you’re not consuming enough good foods, I think should you be eating junk food all of the time but still creating a calorie shortfall that is positive then you’ll get ill.

If you eat clean natural foods then as this is the eating structure I propose my customers eat I don’t want to count how many calories are in it because it is simple to create a calorie deficit, they’re going to contain fewer calories.

I just think that the processed is oversimplified.

Does it mean we are healthy merely because our weight is low? No.

I think there needs to be more focus on eating clean, natural foods than merely attempting to eat a certain number of calories each day. To help you in your weight loss goals, I recommend for you to take a natural supplement. You can read the review of Bio-X4, the one that I use, at